Professional Minecraft plugin developer

About Me

Hey there, I'm Brett. I'm a Minecraft scripter and server creator, tinkering here and there in video editing and things I love. Here's a little bit more about who I am. Read on if you care even the slightest.


I try to make all of my work look great and match the theme or topic that you want me to make it about.

Quick & Easy

Whenever I work on a project, I try to get it done as fast as possible while still maintaining its quality.

Highly Efficient

Efficiency is the highest priority I have. If you need something done quickly yet still to a top notch quality, I'll do it.


I keep my prices low so you can afford me without breaking the bank. A small amount of money can go a long way.

Why me?

I try to be the best I possibly can at what I offer and try to improve and get new skills on other things at the same time. I am also well rounded and try to get you what you want while making sure it's something I would be proud if I were you in your spot.

What's the difference?

I am different from other developers and designers because I put the customer first. This may sound like a hyperbole but it isn't. Most people try to get the work done super fast without the customer in mind. I flip it around which sets me apart from others.